Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Lampedusa in Hamburg calling: Demonstration Saturday 31st May 2014,

 Time: 1 pm – Meeting place: protest tent, Steindamm 2 (near main station)

We demand our work permit

Since we went in the city hall to explain our critical situation and to demand our rights one year has gone. The big support from the Hamburg citizens could help us just to survive but it has also its limits. The Hamburg senate is ignoring the many voices that demand a change of the discriminative and highly dangerous policies of the government.
Again and again our people get controlled, arrested and threaten with deportation to Italy.
Francis Kwame the eldest of our group died on 20th March as a result of the denial of his rights.
Enough is enough
We escaped from a war which was carried out in the interest of the NATO member states. First they said they will protect the civilians. After that the western media spread the propaganda lie of “Gaddafi’s black mercenaries”. We the workers of the country run for our lives. We lost our brothers we lost our sisters and all our property. Now we are in Europe. They said they will handle our situation. Now after three years without anything we are dying in the streets of Europe. Before Francis Kwame already Samuel Mensah died because of the unhealthy situation we are pushed in. We are officially recognized refugees in Europe because of the Libya war. They destroyed our place of work made us to become refugee and hinder us to rebuild our lives.
We need the work permit. Actually it is the only thing that can help us, so that we and our families can survive.

We are serious to achieve it because we are all Francis Kwame

Come and join us

Lampedusa in Hamburg preparation committee:

For English: 01521053163                                                                                  pour le francais: 015219268389
John                                                                                                                     Aliou
Ismail                                                                                                                   Daniel
Amoah                                                                                                                 Issah
Moussa                                                                                                                Namori

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